Why I Love Glitter!

As most of you know, I am a party planning mama who loves parties, parties and more parties!  I have to confess something though…I am truly obsessed with Glitter.  So much so that I am always trying to find ways to incorporate it into my party themes.  Yes, the birthday party themes on Parties On Purpose are such in that it would be easy to add glitter, glitter and more glitter.  Now I have been so in love with it that I am trying to add glitter to themes that don’t even require glitter or where glitter really wouldn’t fit in.  One of the “non girly” parties that I am working on now is a Horse Themed birthday party.  I have it all planned out with fun activities, games and a cute little horse themed craft.  But what do I want to do?  Add glitter!!  Don’t horses wear glitter on occasion?  I had to restrain myself.

Now I want to tell you about what has caused me to go down this glitter path with which no one can return!  For our birthday parties, we do several craft activities, makeovers, mini-mani’s and glitter tattoos, all which require glitter.  If you could have only been with me at these parties, or have been one of the moms or one of the invited quests and had the pleasure of witnessing the sparkle, the amazement, the excitement, the perfect little smile from the birthday girl and her guests, then you would know.  We’ve even had boys and grown men (not naming names) that have been wowed by the sparkle of our glitter tattoos.  Who knew a skull head could be so sparkly!

If you want to change the word, even for a moment, even just with a few people…just open a bottle of glitter!  Trust me, it will make you smile!



Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a blog conference called Revive in Phoenix AZ!  Revive was created by Lindsey, Coley and everyone over at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.  I was excited to attend for two reason’s, first being that I don’t actually consider myself a blogger but am totally in love with blogs.  I love the way you can really get to know someone through their blog.  Secondly, getting to hear from women and men that are very knowledgeable about their craft.  I love learning new ways to improve what I do and I love being around creative people…so motivating!

There were so many great people at the conference that either have an established blog or that were just starting out.  It was such a pleasure meeting these wonderful ladies!  I wish all of them much success in the future!  Here’s a few pictures of all the fun I had at Revive!

Revive close up

I love the REVIVE sign!

Breakfast table

Vintage breakfast table. Wish I could have breakfast set up like this every morning.


Becki from Whippy Cake


A “getting to know you” game

Q and A 3

The speakers giving some great feedback

Q and A 4

Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

Me with ribbon background

I’m loving the ribbon background!

Me so happy

Yippee! Fun times at REVIVE!

Revive sign

I loving the rustic feel of the Icehouse!

Thank you Junk in the Trunk and to all the awesome speakers Becki from Whippycake, Karen from Elan Photographie, Ashley from The Shine Project, Adrianne and Jeremy from Dream Book Design, Kimberly from A Night Owl Blog, Liz from Blue Eyed Owl, Scott’s Marketplace, Stephanie from City Moms Blog and Heather from Heather Bailey.

We’re featured on Catch My Party!

Happy Monday everyone!  I just had to share how incredibly happy I am today!  I received an email earlier saying that Parties On Purpose had been chosen to be one of the featured parties today on Catch My Party!  Yippee! I have been a fan of their website for some time now and truly enjoy looking at all the great talent from all the the creative moms and party planners.  What a great way to start out the week and a great honor!  Thank you to Jillian of Catch My Party and all that the great and talented people that contributed to this party!  Click here for full story and vendor credits.

Fashion Cupcakes

Fashion Cupcakes

Time for makeup!

Time for makeup!

Yummy Candy Buffet

Yummy Candy Buffet

Getting ready for the Sweet Heart Cafe

Happy Friday everyone!  I posted a few pictures last Saturday on Face Book but was not able to share them all with you until now.  Laura Maloof and I had so much fun putting this event together or North Ridge Community church.  When the Children’s Ministry Director Bev and Children’s Ministry coordinator Lisa asked for our help, we were more than happy to do so.  Laura and I met up at Hobby Lobby to get a few accessories and I have to say, there’s a lot of LOVE going on in Arizona because the Valentines area was almost sold out!  Wow!  I then ran over of Party City to get some small accessories but I was so happy with these printables I found on Paging Supermom’s blog.

Here’s a few pictures of our event prep…



Polka Dot balloon pic monkey smaller



Valentine’s printables by pagingsupermom.com


Archway for Valentine’s pictures

after 2 love drink table 2 table prep wide view

Hope to have the final pictures soon!  Until next time!!

Mckenna’s Fashion Dance Party!

I am so excited to share these birthday party pics with you.  I had such a fun time planning my daughter Mckenna’s 9th birthday party.  She wanted a Dance Party and then in the middle of planning switched to a Fashion Party.  So we finally decided to have the best of both worlds and combine the two!  Our Fashion Dance Party included all the fun activities from our Dance Party Theme (makeup, music and a fun dance party) plus tutu’s, jewelry and a red carpet runway show to add the Fashion touches to her party.  We also added some fun hair streaks and Dance Central 3 so the girls could “step up to the streets!”

I absolutely loved the party printables from Frog Prince Paperie and they complemented this party so well.  I put together a collage that consisted of some of her photo’s edited with a Pop Art photo app.  I put the collage in the front entrance of our house so that it set the tone of the party, especially with the dance fever picture.  The first activity was the backstage VIP area where the girls had a change to get all decked out with makeup and hair color.  We also had the girls dancing in the Dance Central 3 area while the hair and makeup sessions where going on.  Once everyone finished getting made up, we then had the girls to get their tutu’s and  jewelry from Mckenna’s Fashion Boutique so we could get ready for the red carpet.  The girls where so excited!  Some of them danced down the red carpet and some of them did their best modeling poses.  We even had one cute little girl do the worm…a red carpet first!  After our red carpet show the girls enjoyed even more dancing and then it was time for those yummy “Fashion” cupcakes!  The party ended with the girls taking home some treats from the candy buffet.  What a great time we had!  Mckenna’s already planning her next birthday!

POP Art Gallery

Pop Art Gallery

The birthday girl

The birthday girl

Jamila-28 (ZF-7354-14109-1-005)

Candy Buffet with Chevron linen

Yummy Candy Buffet

 Candy Buffet with pink tutu

Fashion Cupcakes

Fashion Cupcakes

Jamila-22 (ZF-7354-14109-1-003)

More yummy cupcakes

More yummy cupcakes

Can't wait to get to all that candy but first it's makeup time!

Can’t wait to get to all that candy but first it’s makeup time!

Time for makeup!

Time for makeup!

Cute silver stars!

Cute silver stars!

Jamila-83 (ZF-7354-14109-1-010)

More fun makeup!

More party favors!  Rings, necklaces and glow sticks!

More party favors! Rings, necklaces and glow sticks!

Pink and white zebra print hair accessories for favors

Pink and white zebra print hair accessories for favors

Big hot pink balloons and favor boxes

Big hot pink balloons and favor boxes

Time to "Step Up To The Streets" with Dance Central 3

Time to “Step Up To The Streets” with Dance Central 3

Time for the Runway!

Time for the Runway!

The girls had so much fun!

The girls had so much fun!

Until next time!

Until next time!

Vendor Credits and Resources:

Party styling, planning, activities:  Parties On Purpose

Photography:  Elaine Kessler Photography

Party printable collection:  Frog Prince Paperie

Cupcakes: JAB’s Sweet Treats

Pink Tutu Table Skirt:  Angelique Weaver

Big balloons:  Petite Party Studio

Chevron Fabric:  Hobby Lobby